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  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:


    The WILHELM REICH DOCUMENTARY FILM PROJECT is in its final stages of editing and post-production. Thus far we’ve edited 90 minutes of what will be a 110-minute film, which means we’re over 80% through the storyline. But with much more work still to be done.

    That’s the good news.

    The not-so-good news is that all of our grant applications for „finishing funds“ have been turned down, and our overtures to European and American public television networks for partial funding have been met with polite disinterest.

    Consequently, we have no choice but to launch a third and final crowdfunder to secure the monies that are necessary to complete this film.

    In two weeks we will launch this last crowdfunder with a goal of $72,000 which, when the usual fees are deducted, will provide us with over $66,000 to pay for the remaining expenditures of bringing this project to fruition.

    Because the key to all successful crowdfunders is driving hundreds and thousands of people to the crowdfunding page—which will feature a new four-minute film trailer—we’ll be aggressively using social media, e-mail lists and personal contacts to bring this film-in-progress to the attention of new individuals and new organizations worldwide.

    It’s because of your past support for this film that we have come this far. And we hope that once this last crowdfunder is launched, you will help us spread the word by passing on our crowdfunding link to others through your social media platforms, your e-mail lists and your personal contacts.

    The more successful we are in reaching new potential sources of support, the better our chances for reaching our goal of $72,000.

    Thank you again for supporting this film in what has been a long journey together over the past 2-3 years. With your continued confidence and belief in this project, we are soon to reach our destination.

    Kevin Hinchey – Writer/Director (contact me at:

  2. Renate Says:

    Warum tritt Melanor charakteristischerweise in frisch renovierten Wohnungen auf?

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