Orgonometrie (Teil 3): Kapitel 41


41. Kosmisches Denken und Dichten

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Eine Antwort to “Orgonometrie (Teil 3): Kapitel 41”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    American College of Orgonomy

    A Different Kind of Psychiatry
    Case Presentation Series

    Saturday, December 14, 2019
    „A Scared Little Boy Finds his Mojo“
    Dee Apple, Ph.D.

    There are still seats available for „A Scared Little Boy Finds his Mojo“ this Saturday, December 14th from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the ACO campus in Princeton, NJ. Dee Apple, Ph.D., will present the case of a young boy whose therapy began at the age of seven.

    Dr. Apple, what prompted your patient’s parents to bring him to you for treatment?

    Dr. Apple: „Alex was a sensitive, delightful boy whose parents described him as ‚Extremely shy, quiet, withdrawn socially, lacking confidence in himself. He always wants to do everything perfectly.‘ Both of Alex’s parents were in therapy for personal and marital reasons, which markedly helped them understand his need for help. This case gives the audience an intimate look at how using a unique therapeutic approach can help a remarkable child.“

    What was your treatment approach for Alex?

    Dr. Apple: „In the first therapy sessions he was extremely anxious and terrified. It took several sessions of non-verbal communication before he began to feel comfortable with me. With my encouragement, Alex was able to gradually and progressively express his emotions during therapy. This allowed him to find a healthy outlet for his feelings which ultimately helped him both socially and emotionally.“

    What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

    Dr. Apple: „Several things–first, so much can be accomplished in the treatment of a child when the parents have a solid understanding of and support for their child’s need for therapy. Next, a lot can be achieved in therapy sessions without the use of medications. In this case, Alex would not have learned how to handle his appropriate aggression in a healthy way if it had been dampened with medication. Finally, in today’s complex world, ongoing therapeutic support to help children maintain their abilities and health, and to enable them to cope with life’s challenges, is more important than ever.“

    Dr. Dale Rosin, Director of the ACO Case Presentation Series, adds: „Anyone who’s ever been painfully shy as a child or has agonized over their own child’s shyness and anxiety will be moved as well as heartened by Dr. Apple’s inspiring presentation. His delicate, gradual, and careful treatment of this child shows the use of a character analytic approach to play therapy at its best.“

    Jackie Bosworth, M.D., will join Dr. Apple for the open discussion.

    The series is FREE to attend. To register in advance call (732) 821-1144, email, or register online.

    American College of Orgonomy

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