DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: 7. Der Christusmord nach Markus / Markusevangelium (1,1-5,43)

DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: Das orgonomische Testament / 7. Der Christusmord nach Markus / Markusevangelium (1,1-5,43)

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2 Antworten to “DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: 7. Der Christusmord nach Markus / Markusevangelium (1,1-5,43)”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Wow! Von Dr. Holbrooks Facebook-Seite geklaut:

    Diese Karte illustriert „meine“ Kosmologie perfekt!

    Klicke, um auf hdoastronomie.pdf zuzugreifen

  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Zu meinen alten Ausführungen über Deutschland als Opfer der Emotionellen Pest. Soeben schrieb ich einem Ami-Freund:

    Extremely good comment below the following video on Sutton (Robert Dew discussed him in the JO some 40 years ago):

    I like the following comment so much because it explains much about the American-German relationship and the true background of the current Ukraine crisis which is about to destroy what is left of Germany and will separate us forever from Russia:

    As usual, this is another excellent video. I believe, however, that I can connect the dots that Sutton did not address (…) I will attempt to put his work, as outlined here by TIK, into a coherent framework, based on the one thing I did not hear referenced: the Heartland Theory, described in „The Geographical Pivot of History“, by Halford Mackinder. Mackinder’s theory, in summary, outlines a „worst-case“ scenario, of Germany allying or merging with Russia. Such an event would unite the two in essentially unassailable control of the the bulk of the Eurasian landmass, and that this must be prevented to keep Britain and America from being reduced to vassal states by the resulting economic powerhouse…and 20th Century history demonstrates this.

    As the 19th Century ended, Russia – for centuries a backward, rustic state, certain ruler’s ambitions to the contrary – was beginning to rapidly expand its economic sphere in general, and its industrial sphere, in particular. Problem. Solution: Wait for an appropriately large war to come that involved Russia directly (WW1 was on the horizon for at least 30 years prior to its start), then fund a revolutionary movement that would up-end Russia, and turn it into a captive economy…..Check.

    That left Germany…And Germany had started to recover in the 1920’s, and was rebuilding its power base – Uh-oh. According to MacKinder, a „union“ of Germany and Russia could come, if Russia were invaded by Germany and turned into a puppet state. Recall that a lot of people in the Soviet Union were very unhappy with Soviet rule, and would welcome almost any liberator…which is what happened….. Problem. Solution: Find someone with kooky ideas in Germany, who you can finance hard enough to get into power; then, let them go, like a wind-up toy, because the chances of Germany successfully conquering the Soviet Union were laughably remote, on a good day…..Check.

    Hitler and the Nazis were tailor-made for that job (…) What was the result of WW2 in Europe? Germany’s complete destruction: German industry was essentially destroyed wholesale, the country was partitioned for the next 45 years, and the German psyche was so damaged by the Nazis, it is nothing like it was in, say, 1940. Why would this benefit both Wall Street and The City? Aside from war production profits, Wall Street and The City profited heavily from rebuilding the industrialized areas of the planet…so much so, that they got lazy by the very end of the 20th Century, and had to hurry with the catch-up game, to undermine the Middle East, and keep them from exerting too much control over the oil supply. With Russia a captive economy, and Germany essentially destroyed, the threat of the two dominating the Heartland receded; with Stalin hating the bankers‘ guts (like Hitler, he was happy to take Western loans when he needed them…but he didn’t like relying on them), he ground down the Soviet economy into a centrally-planned nightmare, trying to out-produce the West in military equipment, which is definitely not ‚butter‘. By the time „Communism“ collapsed, Germany had no interest in uniting with Russia in any way – even happily joining the European Union – and fully backed NATO expansion up to Russia’s doorstep (NATO was formed to counter Soviet aggression, recall — where is the Soviet Union, again?). Why? Because Russia’s economy was starting to recover in the early-2000’s, and Russia was moving to dominate the European energy sector, which would result in control of Europe’s economy. Which is what Ukraine is actually about.

    Der ganze gegenwärtige WAHNSINN wird auch durch folgendes Video von Thomas Gast beleuchtet:

    Leute, wacht auf! Die Hölle, die Deutschland bevorsteht, wird alles in den Schatten stellen, was dieses Land im 20sten Jahrhundert durchgemacht hat.

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