David Holbrook, M.D.: ÜBER SPALTUNG




Über Spaltung


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  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    American College of Orgonomy

    A Different Kind of Psychiatry
    Case Presentation Series

    Saturday, September 21, 2019
    „A Nine-Year-Old Boy with Anger and Nausea“
    Philip Heller, M.D.

    The ACO’s A Different Kind of Psychiatry Case Presentation Series continues on Saturday, September 21 at the ACO Campus in Princeton when Philip Heller, M.D. will present „A Nine-Year-Old Boy with Anger and Nausea.“ Dr. Heller shares some insights about the young boy he began seeing for therapy at the age of nine.

    Dr. Heller, what prompted your patient’s parents to bring him to you for treatment?

    Dr. Heller: „The parents described their young boy as „fairly well-adjusted“ until the age of seven, when he gradually began to exhibit signs of anger and nausea at home. While his parents gave him more attention than they did his older and younger siblings, he claimed they did not understand him or pay enough attention to him.“

    What did your patient gain most from the therapy?

    Dr. Heller: „My patient was allowed to physically express his anger and emotion by shouting, using a wiffle ball bat and boxing gloves in order to calm himself and feel better. After multiple therapy sessions, his anger outbursts and nausea decreased and have not reappeared after six months.“

    What do you hope people will take away from your presentation?

    Dr. Heller: „Certain physical symptoms, like belly pain and nausea, in young children can often be a direct result of emotions that are not adequately expressed. Emotions in children can be identified and expressed in therapy to re-establish normal functioning. Psychiatric treatment does not always require medication.“

    Chris Burritt, D.O., will join Dr. Heller as discussant.

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