Orgonometrie (Teil 3): Kapitel 64


64. Das Unbewußte

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2 Antworten to “Orgonometrie (Teil 3): Kapitel 64”

  1. O. Says:

    Bei Freud geht es um das Verstehen von Inhalten, bei Reich um das Verstehen des Verdrängungsprozesses.

    Verstehen hat an sich noch keinen therapeutischen Wert für den Patienten.

    Reich entwickelt eine Methode zum Verstehen der verdrängten Emotionen und Inhalte. Die karthathische Methode wird neu entdeckt. (Breuer & Freud 1895) – Erfolge bleiben auch hier zufällig.

  2. edmalek Says:

    Just to point out (the obvious?) that early on, Freud was a functional thinker:

    *was not satisfied with a purely somatic reason for neurosis.
    *believed in the sexual (energy) etiology of neurosis.
    *intuitively used „laying of the hands“ on his patients‘ foreheads.
    *used catharsis (energy release) in treatment after disappointing results with hypnosis, electrotherapy, and water treatment (the modes of his time).
    *had the capacity to discern the emotional language vs. what the patient was saying (i.e., repression and the blockage of energy), leading to further insights.
    *even though he was isolated and going against official psychiatry, did not dismiss his observations (contact) but kept searching deeper.
    *basically did not accept the cultural beliefs of his time, but looked for another source.
    *was not afraid to ask, „why is this patient blocked and what are the causes?”, all leading to the discovery of the defensive maneuvers.

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