Das unerkannte schrittweise Eindringen der Emotionellen Pest in das persönliche und soziale Leben

Psychiatrie und Soziologie.

Das unerkannte schrittweise Eindringen der Emotionellen Pest in das persönliche und soziale Leben

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2 Antworten to “Das unerkannte schrittweise Eindringen der Emotionellen Pest in das persönliche und soziale Leben”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    This episode features the moving story of a patient named Jen who shares a part of her emotional development and reveals how her experience in medical orgone therapy changed her life for the better. Dr. Burritt’s interview with Jen touches on her unhappiness in a family relationship; the difficulty she faced in college where almost everyone around her used drugs or alcohol to help them navigate their new-found independence and the pressure of academia; the challenges and joy of becoming a mother and how therapy enabled her to find deep satisfying love.


  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    American College of Orgonomy
    Free On-line Webinar
    Interview with Edward Chastka, M.D.
    „The Road Back from a Life Stunted by Marijuana“
    Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 4:00 PM

    The ACO’s Case Presentation Series, A Different Kind of Psychiatry, continues with a free webinar on Saturday, June 11, 2022, from 4:00PM to 5:00PM (ET). Edward Chastka, M.D. will present, „The Road Back From a Life Stunted by Marijuana“ in a discussion with interviewer/host Chris Burritt, D.O. During this presentation, you will have the opportunity to submit questions privately using the Q and A function on Zoom. Questions will be addressed during the Q and A portion of the webinar. Please note that as an attendee you will not be seen or heard on screen and you can choose to submit a question anonymously.

    Why did you choose to present this topic?

    Dr. Chastka: “One of the reasons I chose to present this case is because it shows what a person can accomplish once impediments to progress are out of the way. In this case, a young woman’s life was going nowhere and she couldn’t see how marijuana and a dead-end relationship with a young man were keeping her from having a satisfying personal life and career. It was as if she were blinded: she couldn’t fix the problem until she identified the problem.”

    What treatment approach did you use with this patient?

    Dr. Chastka: “Treatment focused on helping the patient recognize the impact marijuana had on her perceptions, how she viewed her boyfriend and how it interfered with her ability to feel and express emotions in a healthy way. Once this was accomplished and she was able to acknowledge how angry she was, she was able to solve the problem and spontaneously get her life back on track.”

    What do you hope people will learn from your presentation?

    Dr. Chastka: “I hope people will realize how much they are capable of if they can get stumbling blocks—whatever form they take— out of the way.”

    The webinar will be facilitated by Zoom and will last approximately one hour. Attendance is free. Registration is required.

    Register today: June 11th

    Many of the ACO’s past webinars are available for viewing on the ACO’s YouTube channel.

    American College of Orgonomy

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