Wie die Emotionelle Pest vorgeht, damals und heute

Wie die Emotionelle Pest vorgeht, damals und heute

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Eine Antwort to “Wie die Emotionelle Pest vorgeht, damals und heute”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    American College of Orgonomy 
    A Different Kind of Psychiatry Podcast
    „Quiet Quitting: What’s the Doctor’s Diagnosis?“
    with Peter A. Crist, M.D.

    We invite you to listen to the next episode of our A Different Kind of Psychiatry Podcast. In this episode, Dr. Burritt interviews Peter A. Crist M.D., about the concept of “quiet quitting,” a term proliferating in recent articles across the political spectrum about how workers look at their jobs. Dr. Crist touches on the concepts of work life/personal life balance, the desire for meaningful employment and how different generations view their work lives in this timely interview. Looking at “quiet quitting” as a physician with a functional approach, he explains that before we can come up with a solution or treatment we must first diagnosis or identify the problem. In his characteristic way, Dr. Crist takes us below the surface and gets to the heart of the problem.

    Visit our podcast website to listen. Subscribe today and share our podcasts with your family and friends.

    American College of Orgonomy

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