Der Zusammenbruch der absoluten Moral in der antiautoritären Ära

Der Zusammenbruch der absoluten Moral in der antiautoritären Ära

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Eine Antwort to “Der Zusammenbruch der absoluten Moral in der antiautoritären Ära”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    American College of Orgonomy

    Free On-line Webinar

    Salvatore Iacobello, M.D.

    A Young Woman Emerges from A Psychotic Abyss

    Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 4:00 PM

    The American College of Orgonomy is hosting a free webinar on Saturday, February 11, 2023 from 4:00 to 5:00PM (EST) as part of its Case Presentation Series. Salvatore Iacobello, M.D. will present, “A Young Woman Emerges from A Psychotic Abyss“ in a discussion with interviewer/host Chris Burritt, D.O. During this presentation, you will have the opportunity to submit questions privately using the Q and A function on Zoom. Questions will be addressed during the Q and A portion of the webinar. Please note that as an attendee you will not be seen or heard on screen and you can choose to submit a question anonymously.


    Kate is a young woman who’s been dealing with mental illness since childhood. In her early twenties, she developed psychotic symptoms which required hospitalization, and she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Since that time, Kate’s treatment consisted mainly of taking medication prescribed by her primary care physician.


    Kate came to Dr. Iacobello because she wanted to engage in a different kind of treatment and work toward coming off her medications. Her main complaint was that she felt very different from everybody else around her and that she didn’t belong in this world. Kate tried to enhance her wellbeing through meditation and spirituality, but felt she needed professional help when it came to handling the reduction of her prescribed medications. 


    Please join us as we learn more about this young woman’s complex journey and how, after nearly three years in treatment with Dr. Iacobello, Kate has begun to gain a different perspective about herself and how she relates with other people and the world around her. Find out how Dr. Iacobello helped her not only to avoid being swallowed by the psychotic nightmare that has plagued her for years, but also to maintain a firmer grasp on reality.

    Register today: February 11th Registration Link

    Many of the ACO’s past webinars are available for viewing on the ACO’s YouTube channel: ACO YouTube Channel Link


    American College of Orgonomy

    About Salvatore Iacobello, M.D.

    Dr. Iacobello is a board-certified psychiatrist and a Clinical Associate of the ACO. He is in private practice in Fairfield, Connecticut where he helps people overcome obstacles to better emotional, mental and physical health and find increased satisfaction in life. He is an assistant editor (medical sciences) of the Journal of Orgonomy, where he has also published articles on clinical and social orgonomy.

    About Chris Burritt, D.O.


    Dr. Burritt treats children, adults, couples, and families, in his private psychiatric practice in West Chester, PA. Dr. Burritt graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA and did his residency in general psychiatry and his fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He is board certified in both child and adolescent psychiatry and general psychiatry. He is a Clinical Associate of the American College of Orgonomy and he developed and hosts the ACO’s podcast program A Different Kind of Psychiatry.
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    This announcement was created by The American College of Orgonomy (ACO), located near Princeton, New Jersey. The ACO is a nonprofit education and scientific organization devoted to setting and maintaining standards for work in the field of orgonomy. The ACO provides information, training, and research support for those interested and involved in orgonomy. This press release is meant to inform those who may have an interest in the science of orgonomy and the activities of the ACO. The ACO is not affiliated with any website, newsgroup, bulletin board, network, service, or other media that may be reproducing this release. The ACO does not endorse any information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, or other materials transmitted, posted, published, distributed, or otherwise disseminated on any media other than the ACO’s website at Please contact for information on the ACO as well as to verify the original text of this announcement.

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