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Eine Antwort to “nachrichtenbrief62”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    Reich knew very little about either Judaism or Christianity. The imagry of the dying god hung on a tree and returning to life was used in Norse and Celtic mythology and all over the Eastern Meditranian world more than 4,000 years ago. It has nothing to do with Roman Palestine 2,000 years ago. The starting point for Roman era Christianity was the expected reincarnation of Alexander The Great, who was known in his lifetime as the Anointed One (Kristos) and the Son Of (the) God (Zeus). This was expected all over the Roman world by nearly everyone, not only Jews, because everyone thought Alexander was a demi-god and would come back via reincarnation soon. His reputation as a kind and just ruler was so strong that all hopes for peace and justices were vested in him and his return fervently wished for.

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