Der orgonomische Psychiater

Wohin immer man schaut, in Gesprächen zwischen Männern und noch mehr in Gesprächen zwischen Frauen, in der Literatur, in Zeitschriften, im Fernsehen, in der Musik – überall geht es fast durchgehend nur um das eine, Sex. Dabei geht es eindeutig nicht um Fortpflanzung, auch wenn unsere Gene dem Trieb weitgehend eine entsprechende Form verleihen, sondern um etwas ganz anderes: die Regulierung unserer biologischen, „psychischen“ Energie. Aus keinem anderen Grund sind wir von diesem Thema derartig besessen.

Psychiater ist ein merkwürdiger Beruf. Alle anderen Ärzte haben es im Idealfall mit festumrissenen Problemen zu tun, etwa ein entzündeter Blinddarm, die man kausal angehen kann. Aber was bei schlechter Befindlichkeit tun? Natürlich beruhen nicht alle Befindlichkeitsstörungen auf einer Störung der Sexualfunktion, sondern beispielsweise auf hirnorganischen Problemen, aber doch der überwiegende Teil. Der Psychiater kann heutzutage nicht mehr tun, als Medikamente verschreiben, die den Erregungspegel senken. „Mehr Sex“ verschreiben zu wollen, wäre lächerlich, weil ja gerade die Befähigung zur Befriedigung gestört ist. Was tun?

Die Lösung liegt in der Bearbeitung der psychischen Hemmungen, die die Befriedigung unterbinden, insbesondere ödipale Verstrickungen, die mit dem Aufwachsen in der von inzestuösen Gefühlen gesättigten Atmosphäre der Kleinfamilie einhergehen. Da man das psychische Erleben nicht vom Körper trennen kann (Angst geht untrennbar mit muskulärer Kontraktion einher!), ist das direkte Angehen der muskulären Verkrampfungen der Weg, auf dem der Psychiater Symptome genauso kausal beseitigen kann, wie jeder andere Arzt auch.

Da sich alles um die Regulierung einer konkreten Energie handelt (die Funktion des Orgasmus, die durch Muskelverspannungen hintertrieben wird), kann der Psychiater erst effektiv helfen, wenn er diese Energie und ihre physikalischen Eigenschaften kennt: die von Reich entdeckte Orgonenergie. Er ist ein orgonomischer Psychiater.

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8 Antworten to “Der orgonomische Psychiater”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    Reich said that no therapy, including his own, was of much use. The constant re-inforcement of neurosis by the surrounding culture, which demands illogical ways of thinkingg and acting as the price of survival, constantly works to negate any gains from an hour of treatment one day a week. The additional fact that any form of therapy is only a luxury for a very few rich people, and the rest of the population has zero oportunity for it make all talk of what form of therapy is „better“ irrelevant. The REAL solution is to forget about treatmehnt of already sick, damaged adults and concentrate on PREVENTION of emotional disturbances. This is what Rech advocted throughout his entire career. Thought forced to practice therapy to earn a living, he never abandoned the position that treatment was of little use and the focus should be on changing the culture to PREVENT neurosis. It is this focus, not the mere difference in the type of treatment offered, that caused and still causes Reich to be hated so much by the estanlishment psychiatrists.

    Hardly any of the several thousand Reichian therapists who make a very good living from some variation of Reichian therapy are social acivists. Certainly, the so-called „orthodox orgonomists“, the ones who boldly claim their particular form of Reichian therapy is the best and all the others harmful, do nothing to advance the cause of culture change. In fact, they do the exact oposite. Many of them espouse extreme right-wing positions on social issues that have the predictable result of causing more misery and sending them and their non-Reichian collegues more patients.

    Therapy ought to be abandoned. It was a good idea in Freud’s time, but Reich realized it was pointless. FORGET THERAPY. The real value of orgonomy is that it offers a blueprint for social change and tells us wjhat a healthy society might look like. For that orgonomy is unique and opf value. It does not offer a useful form of individual treatment for neurosis.

    • Claus Says:

      Ganz im Gegenteil. ‚Social Activism‘ und Aktivitäten für ‚culture change‘ – Aktivismus überhaupt – sind gut verzichtbar. Deutschland ist zurzeit voll von Engagierten, Aktivisten u. dgl.

      • Tzindaro Says:

        There are plenty of social activists, but none with an orgonomic point of view. What I had in mind was something like this:


        In his major socio-political works, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, The Sexual Revolution, The Break-in of Sexual Morality, etc., Reich described the effects on the development of political ideologies from the living conditions of young adults forced into un-natural abstinence because they could not afford to leave their parent’s home and establish their own, or were for other reasons limited in their power to choose their own life-styles. He finds this abstinence to be the underlying cause of religious and nationalistic ideologies that agitate against sexuality, and advocate substitute gratifications such as religious mysticism, nationalistic chauvinism, team sports, Hollywood movie fantasies, and fantasies about famous celebrities, all of which prevent development of the independent character that folows initiation of an adult sexual role.

        In the article included in Character Analysis in which Reich first presented the concept of the Emotional Plague Character as a specific diagnosis, he goes into great detail in describing the syndrome, but says nothing about what causes it. In fact, what he does say implicates the currently existing sex-starvation of the plague character as the motivation for the plague behavior, not long-ago childhood experiences.

        Reich says little or nothing in his socio-political writings of the personal armor formed in early childhood as a factor in determining adult political positions. He seems to expect that an adolescent who is able to find both a suitable mate and an environment that allows their relationship to develop will grow out of any earlier armoring and develop into an independent-minded adult.

        It was only much later, in 1944, after the birth of his son, Peter, that Reich devoted much attention to infancy and early childhood development. But he does not ever say, anywhere, that an individual, whatever his early childhood experiences, cannot reach adult character development if the proper conditions exist in adolescence.

        There has been a strong tendency in orgonomy, especially in America, to forget about the window of oportunity presented by adolescence and concentrate on armor formed in childhood as the most important cause of adult neurosis, including political irrationalities. There may be a basis for this in treating individual patients in a medical setting, but when it comes to „treating“ a whole society, any possibility of affecting widespread cultural childrearing practices must somehow convince the adults first, and since they are already firmly established in their armored patterns and the rationaizations for retaining them, that remains unlikely to happen.

        On the other hand, teen-agers are able to fight for their own rights and establish their own life-styles if given a minimal amount of help and encouragement by a few concerned adults. This opens a way to practical action to change the age-old culture which cannot be done if already damaged adults must first be convinced to change how they act toward children. An orgonomic attempt to reach adolescents is long overdue.

        The United States Government currently spends $176,000,000 a year on a Federal program to get teenagers to sign a Contract With God not to have sex until they are married. Both parties support this boondogle because it buys votes in the Bible Belt. While it is not working very well, it is undoubtedly adding to the anxieties of many young people and harming their chances of ever becoming rational adults. An orgonomic intervention of some sort, probably in the form of an educational website aimed at teenagers, could go a long way towards countering such malign influences.

        There are plenty of websites on orgonomy, including several by orgonomists, but they all seem to only offer the same basic introductory story of

        What is orgonomy
        Who started orgonomy

        What happened to him

        Advertising for psychiatric treatments that most people are not interested in and cannot afford,

        Childrearing sermons that concern only prospective parents

        Sample information on a lot of subjects hardly anybody cares about, such as medicine, microbiology, physics and psychiatric treatment,

        Political opinions and social commentary by orgonomists on topics in the news.

        None of them offers any information of real use to most people. And they are all aimed at adults. Adults usually already have fixed ideas on most things and seldom change them. Reich knew this. Throughout his career he constantly advised his followers to forget about treating already sick, damaged, and warped adults and concentrate on reaching relatively unspoiled young people. But nobody in orgonomy today is following Reich’s advice. So here is a suggestion:

        Somebody ought to set up an orgonomic website aimed at teenagers and directed specifically at their concerns.

        It would give good acurate and comprehensive information on contraception, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and feature articles by orgonomists explaining why sex is important to your mental and physical health and should be considered a fundamental human right.

        It could include information on the laws in each state on abortion, where parental consent is required, and where it is not, so a pregnant teenager could know where to travel for an abortion if her parents would not give her permission. Addresses of clinics that offer abortion services could be included.

        It would tell where it is legal for a teenager to get a prescription for birth control without parental consent.

        It would explain why the churches are so against young people having sex and how they benefit from tricking them into celibacy. It would explain the connection between adolescent celibacy and poor relationships with the other sex later in life, and why sex in the early years after puberty is important as a rehersal for later relationships.

        The close connection between sexual starvation and fascism, religion, and mental illness would be explained.

        It would give references to scientific studies showing that sex is important for health, information on herbal and other natural forms of birth control, and articles by anthropologists on how adolescent sexuality is handled by other cultures.

        It could also feature a discussion forum where adolescents could get social re-inforcement for their feelings on the subject and find support networks of others their own age, and a question and answer section where an orgonomist would answer questions.

        A project like this would cost nothing to set up and there must be several orgonomists who would be willing to take part. With at least one medical doctor involved and all information medically acurate, there would be no legal problems in presenting such a website.

        And any howls of anguish from conservatives and religious groups would only give the website more publicity.

        With the international reach of the internet, the website could be international in scope and could be presented in several languages.

        As far as I know, there is no project like this on the internet. There should be. If Reich was still alive, there would be. It is an update on what he did in Germany in the 30s. And there is still a need for it today, especially in America, which is in the grip of a Christian-Fascist movement.

        A project like this would need at least one medical doctor on board and a lawyer to insure against attempts at censorship. Doctors and lawyers would be asked to volunteer.

        Anyone interested? If you are, please send me some feedback.

    • David Says:

      Kommt neben der Aufforderung zur sexuellen Abstinenz noch der zunehmend ungleiche Zugang zu bezahlter Arbeit. Siehe mein heutiger Kommentar zum Orgonomischen Kanzler.

      Also auch auf der Schiene kommen die Jugendlichen / Adoleszenten nicht richtig ins Leben hinein.

      In einer – wenn auch nur im weiteren Sinne – korrupten – Wirtschafts- und Arbeitsordnung haben die Menschen weniger Jobs, sondern eher Posten inne.

      Dies lässt an ein Familienmodell denken, wo vor allem die – noch rüstigen 50 bis 60jährigen Großeltern für das Geldverdienen zuständig sind, so dass die nächst jüngere Generation (25+) „nur“ die Kinder irgendwie mit den extrem langwierigen Studien- und Ausbildungsgängen vereinbaren muss.

      Hätte auch Ähnlichkeit mit der matriarchalen Großfamilie.

      Ist erstmal rein theoretisch überlegt.

  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Orgontherapie ist die eine Grundveraussetzung für die Arbeit in der Orgonomie. Es gibt nur einen Charaktertyp, der sich gegen eine Orgontherapie wehrt: der pestilente Charakter.

    Es ist wie Operationsinstrumente, die vor Gebrauch desinfiziert werden müssen. (Was nicht ausschließt, daß die Desinfektion fehlerhaft durchgeführt wird.)

    • Tzindaro Says:

      You seem to be redefining the term „Emotional Plague“ here. According to Reich, it is „destructive behavior on the social scene“. A refusal to undergo therapy is not destructive behavior on the social scene. It is a personal choice which everyone has a right to make. And as with any other right, anyone should have the right to decide for himself if he needs therapy or not without being attacked and defamed for exercising his rights.

      Reichians who toss the words, „Emotional Plague“ around carelessly, as an all-purpose insult aimed at anyone who they disagree with need to re-read what Reich wrote on the subject.

  3. David Says:

    In diesem Kommentar zu „orgonomischer Kanzler“

    hatte ich gesagt:

    Nur Hindernisse beseitigen.

    Schauen wo die sind.

    Die Behauptung, Neurosen hätten sexuelle Ursachen, ist ebenso falsch wie die, Neurosen hätten nicht-sexuelle Ursachen.

    Es gibt nur eine Sexual- oder Lebens-Energie.

    Und die kann Blockaden haben. Hindernisse.

    „Unten“: Brust, Bauch, Becken.

    Oder eben „oben“. Im Okularen Segment. Etwas einfacher formuliert: im Kopf.

    OffTopic: Analität

    Bekanntermaßen gibt es von der Analität das Bild einer recht rigiden, umfassenden Panzerung.

    Wenn eine Panzerung von etwas anderem kommt aber auch sehr stark und umfassend ist, haben wir am Ende dasselbe Bild. Unterschiedliche Ursache, gleicher Zustand.

    Siehe Clinton.

    Die funktioniert eben „hintenherum“ weil sie für direkte Konfrontation zu schwach ist, wie hier im Blog schon vermutet wurde.

    Komplizierter sind dann schon okular-anale Charaktertypen die manchmal „unordentlich“ gepanzert sind und auch recht vielgestaltige Bilder abgeben können.

    Wie möglicherweise der Großteil der Autisten (??)

    Die Orgonomie kann das verstehen, wie sie auch andere Fragen beantwortet (warum wirkt EMDR? Klar, weil so etwas wie okulare Panzerung vorkommen kann und auch aufgelöst werden kann. In dem Fall bei Traumatisierten).


    Typischer ACO-Patient sei der „einfache“ Neurotiker (der auch bei einem herkömmlichen Psychoanalytiker klar käme, würde aber länger dauern).

    Das ist aber aus meiner Sicht kein Problem.

    Die machen eben die Masse der Patienten aus, und die Masse bringt das Geld. Da kann man evtl. die komplizierteren Typen auch länger (und teils billiger) behandeln …

    • Robert (Berlin) Says:

      Es ist interessant, dass die Analität aus der aktuellen Psychoanalyse fast vollkommen verschwunden ist, während sie in der klassischen Psychoanalyse ein wichtiger Parameter war.

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