Willi gegen den Rest der Welt (Teil 3)

DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: Das orgonomische Testament / 1. Die Apokalypse / Wilhelm Reich

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3 Antworten to “Willi gegen den Rest der Welt (Teil 3)”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    Today Reich would be diagnosed as autistic. Many people of high intelligence are autistic and do not think the same way most people do. Autism is especially common in very productive scientists and other creative people. It is not always a disability, in fact, in many cases it can be an advantage, though it usually leads to social problems.

    Autism is actually the original, natural, and in orgonomic terms, healthier, way to think, but most humans are socialized to think in the conventional way during their upbringing. This socialization is part of what Reich called armoring. The ones who are strong-willed enough to resist this conditioning and continue thinking in the more natural way are social misfits, but often capable of greater insights than people who have been conditioned into becoming what society considers normal.

    Modern mechanistic science, with it’s fixation on genetics, mistakenly considers autism to be due to genes, but from an orgonomic point of view it can be seen as an unarmored way of seeing the world and the so-called „normal“ human thought processes as the result of armoring caused by one’s upbringing and constantly reinforced throughout life by the surrounding culture.



    • Robert (Berlin) Says:

      Ich denke, du weißt überhaupt nicht, was Autismus ist. Diese Menschen sind schwer gestört und habe eine extreme okulare Panzerung. Du solltest dich einmal mit diesem Krankheitsbild in ernsthafter Weise befassen.

      • Tzindaro Says:

        „Ocular armor“ is an orgonomic concept. Nobody except a few Reichians even knows what the term means, let alone accepting it as a scientific theory. The prevailing theory of autism is that it is a neurological condition caused by a combination of several defective genes. I do not think autism is genetic. I think it is a lack of the armoring Reich described.

        I think a small number of children are for whatever reason, possibly related to greater than average biological energy level, able to resist being conditioned by the adult world into giving up their native way of thinking and seeing their environment and retain the original natural thougt patrterns that the more socialized humans call „autism“.

        But the way autistics think is the same as that of small children, animals, and maybe some few tribes that have managed to retain a pre-historic culture. It is the way all humans used to see the world before the catastrophic introduction of armoring. And it is the way all humans would think if they were not conditioned into ignoring most of their sensory input and paying attention only to what their culture allows them to see.

        Many scientists are autistic. They can see and imagine things that are filtered out by Homo Normalis and are relatively immune to peer pressure about what to think. If the normal people would leave them alone instead of pestering them and trying to stop them from making the normals uncomfortable, they can function at least as well in the culture-free natural world as any so-called „normal“ person. It is only in a human setting that being autistic becomes a problem.

        The books by the author whose website i gave a link to tell of her own personal life as an autistic person, her being able to relate better to animals because of thinking the same way they do, and her making a successful career as an animal expert because of that superior ability. She shows that animals think the same way autistic humans do.

        Reich had all the symptoms of a high-functioning autistic, as do many scientists, many of whom are social misfits, though brilliant in areas that do not involve interaction with humans or come into conflict with the human culture around them. If Reich had been a biologist or pysicist, and kept out of areas like psychology and politics, he would have had no troubles with the surrounding humans. His problems were only caused by his getting into subjects that triggered their defenses.

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