Wilhelm Reichs Jüdischheit (Teil 1)

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DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: Das orgonomische Testament / 3. Reich und die Juden / Das Judentum (Teil 2)

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4 Antworten to “Wilhelm Reichs Jüdischheit (Teil 1)”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    Judaism and Christianity are both so similar, and both so deranged, that there is no point in looking at minor differences between them. They are both nothing but distortions of life and living perceptions, and both must be abolished if there is ever going to be a peaceful or rational society on this planet.

    Right now, Jews are persecuting and murdering Palestinians to steal their land and Christians have declared war on Muslims to steal their oil. Hindu mobs are killing people for suspected violations of Hindu rules against eating meat, and with the order signed by Trump last week giving the Churches more influence in politics, the USA is on the verge of becoming a full-blown theocracy–a theocracy with nuclear weapons.

    Nothing the apologists for Judaio-Christianity have to say is important. Instead of talking about alleged differences of theology, which do not matter to anyone except theologians, the focus needs to be on how to get rid of these harmful superstitions left over from the Dark Ages.

    There is nothing good to be said about any religion. The sooner they all vanish into the dustbin of history, the better.

    • walter Says:


      • Tzindaro Says:

        The law was also applied to other non-profit organizations, including the conservation organization, the Sierra Club, which lost it’s tax exempt status one year for endorsing a candidate. This change may actually backfire on Trump if environmental groups, including the pro gun rights NRA, which contains many avid hunters, use it against the Republican plot to privatise all public lands in the West, which would eliminate allmost all remaining wilderness lands and protection for wildlife.

  2. walter Says:

    http://www.laitman.de/ Einheit in der jüdischen Mystik, der Kabbalah. Vielmehr führt doch christliche Mystik zur communio, zur christlichen Gemeinschaft, zur Kommunion im Katholizismus

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