Zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Orgonomie (Teil 11)

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  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:


    • O. Says:

      Conny Huthsteiner, M.D. „Cloudbusting by Reich in Contact with
      Space: Strategy to combat global warming.“

      Roberto Maglione, MSc: „Using Reich’s Cloudbuster to
      combat atmospheric pollution.“

      Was erwartet uns dort? Unter dem Motto (James Bond 007) „Wir retten die Welt“ wird Reich eine Strategie zur Bekämpfung der Global Warming These unterstellt. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, dass er im genannten Buch die globale Erderwärmung bekämpfen wollte. Scheinbar ein ehrenhaftes Ziel „atmosphärische Verschmutzung“ beseitigen zu wollen, doch wie wird es gemacht und was kommt dabei heraus? Und was hat das auf einer Konferenz zu suchen, wo Themen nur oberflächlich angerissen werden, alle begeistert sind und eine inhaltliche Diskussion in der Regel nicht geführt wird, da die Meinungen schon vorher feststehen.

      Einziger Trost wäre, der Ort würde in Amerika stattfinden, wo sowieso selbst gemachtes Wetterchaos herrscht.

      Lohnt sich die Reise dorthin (für geschätzte 3.000 € all inklusiv)? Für das Geld könnten wir hier eine Konferenz selber machen.

  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Das Video, das hier stand mußte ich löschen. Die pestilente Geschichte dahinter und wie das alles zusammenhängt und warum ich dazu zwei weitere Kommentare von jemand anderem unmöglich freischalten kann… Alles zu aufwendig zu erklären. Lassen wir es dabei. Punkt!!!

  3. Kim Says:

    Die Bäume machen den Wind.

  4. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Der Übermensch zerstäubt Wolken mit dem Mini-Cloudbuster, den er stets bei sich trägt:


  5. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    The California Drought and Wildfires

    I am horrified by the situation of fires burning all over in California. And yet, being located in Oregon, without the ability to launch a major cloudbusting project south into the fire zones, there is little I can do about the situation. My network of CORE associates also lives far from California, and we lost our cloudbusting partner station in San Diego more than a year ago. I tried many times since the 1980s to set up a kind of „cloudbusting fire department“ for such emergency work, but could never gain sufficient financial support to make it happen.

    All of this devastation now on-going for years, was 100% preventable, and once started, could have been confined by appropriate cloudbusting methods which I developed against such coastal and inland drylands wildfires many years ago. Many solicitations for support were given to different California and other Southwestern regional government agencies, but not once was any kind of interest shown – except when the Santa Barbara newspaper slandered my efforts. If there was an honest media left somewhere to report on such things, where people burned out would learn about a method of fire-fighting that would be both preventative and remedial, but which had been so systematically suppressed, censored and ridiculed, it would create a national scandal.

    In frustration, I wrote the following on my Facebook page, and felt to share it more widely. Some documentary weblinks are also provided below.

    James DeMeo, PhD
    Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab


    Woolsey Fire Blackens Malibu Sky as Thousands Flee, Homes Destroyed

    Camp Fire devastates Paradise near Chico – businesses, church, numerous homes burn

    People in California should know, over DECADES when I lived on the West Coast, I tried to gain the interest of California authorities to sponsor my cloudbusting work to stimulate a moister situation that would oppose such massive fires, and to fill large reservoirs as with Lake Mead. The response to my efforts, if I could summarize, was either total silence, or spit in the eye. I learned that the California bureaucracy loves drought, and hates natural rain. During drought, the various drought-related bureaucracies get enormous sums for their activities, which basically do nothing to change the situation for the better. Their leaders get interviewed repeatedly on the news media, and become big shots. Farmers are happy for a time, even with crops wilting in the fields, as they can collect insurance while sitting back and doing nothing. Water managers and reservoir-pipeline owners get a higher price for an acre-foot of water. Meteorologists get more air time, and also become bigger-shots. Media hacks have something more to report, with serious tones, as homes burn by the dozens or hundreds. When natural rain falls, the budgets for different water-resource agencies are cut, and their bureaucrats become unknowns. Water prices drop and restored farm-crops get a higher price than before the drought. The head of one of California’s top drought agencies gets a salary of $400,000 per year, which is as much as I once proposed to several bureaucracies for a multi-year project with several cloudbusting stations and workers. Later I dropped the price to half that, then a quarter. Silence continued. At present our resources can’t even support an emergency mission to anyplace else, as my old 1993 Astrovan and 1983 Toyota pickup are no longer reliable to tow the trailers. For a comparison, the average California farm cooperative may spend a half-million on purchase of one large agricultural tractor. One home burned in expensive California towns may cost as much.

    At some point I will write up such experiences in a book, along with how my cloudbusting team in 1991-92 ended a 12-year drought in Israel, filling the Sea of Galilee to overflowing. An even larger effort, led by me with an international team of professionals, did the same in a five-year project in the SE corner of the Sahara Desert, starting in 1994, ending a 30-year drought and restoring good rains yearly across a large region of Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea. That effort brought so much rain that it filled the Nile River tributaries, filled Lake Nasser behind the Aswan Dam to overflowing for the first time in its history, with five gigantic new overflow lakes out in the open Sahara, the Toshka Lakes. Nothing like it happened in written history, not since the pre-Saharasian period. But still, the meteorologists and EP functionaries in the UN Environmental Program, US State Department and overseas officials in the benefiting nations turned their backs. Emotionally it was like they all suddenly hated natural rains!

    Over subsequent years, the Toshka lakes evaporated away, but their remnants can still be seen on satellite images. I wrote scholarly papers on all those operations, and others, published them in both private and mainstream science journals. The response was mostly… crickets. Of course it was nearly unbelievable for those who are unfamiliar with Reich’s discoveries. Reich was murdered for his findings, and over decades plague characters both outside and a few within orgonomy have tried to do the same to me, for making serious study and applications of those discoveries. I am today basically erased from mention within „official orgonomy“ whose organizations have become therapy-training institutes, lacking in scientific expertise with few exceptions. Mainstream science has been worse in this regard, and such as Wikipedia have totally banned mention of my work, even in small citation. New findings in the sciences have an even more difficult time than in the 1970s, when I produced the first-ever high-level university studies validating Reich’s science.

    Today, I no longer believe we can have a large breakthrough of this work into the public eye, at least not without it being slandered and mocked by EP media, which by itself works a serious damage to extinguish germinal efforts. Every film about Reich, without exception, makes short mention of Reich’s biophysics, and most distort and question his scientific legitimacy, or twist it politically. Authentic open criticism is avoided and forbidden, being substituted with angry attack, hate and slander. As the tragedy deepens, old friends go haywire, turn EP and attack from the back, unexpectedly. Irrationally spreads, making difficult work even more difficult. Turbulent times. We work for the Children of the Future. The modern tragedy continues, and deepens.
    James DeMeo, PhD
    Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
    Ashland, Oregon, USA

    Details, documentation and citations on the above can be found here:

    Donations to the OBRL, to assist with Dr. DeMeo’s research are most welcome and necessary. They can be made here:
    or by mailed check to „OBRL“, PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520.

    Thanks for your interest, and support. Please share this with your friends and social media.

    James DeMeo, PhD
    Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

    Ashland, Oregon, USA
    e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

  6. Robert (Berlin) Says:

    A Preliminary Investigation into a Prototype Device Based Upon Reich’s Spacegun

    Article by LSouthgate


    „Wichtiger Warnhinweis
    Es wird dringend empfohlen, dass nur erfahrene orgonomische Forscher eine SG [Spacegun] oder einen SG-ähnlichen Prototyp eines Geräts betreiben. Der Autor rät jede andere Person, die nicht zu den erfahrenen orgonomischen Akademikern und qualifizierten Wissenschaftlern gehören, davon ab, weitere Forschungen in Betracht zu ziehen. Es wird auch angemerkt, dass Geräte vom Typ SG neben Oranur starke Auswirkungen auf die Emotionen bei Menschen in der Nähe haben können. Es wird empfohlen, besonders vorsichtig mit Oranur oder einem SG-Gerät in der Nähe von medialen Menschen umzugehen. Oranur scheint eine Energie mit Bewusstseinseigenschaften zu sein, und diejenigen, die bereits für außerkognitive Aspekte der Funktionsweise empfindlich sind, können stark von Oranur beeinflusst werden. Die Metallrohre dürfen nicht von Hand berührt werden, da dies zu ‚Verbrennungen‘ führen kann. Auch energetische Frequenzen könnten theoretisch durch Kontakt mit den Rohren aufgenommen werden.“

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