DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: 4. Der Christusmord nach Matthäus / Matthäusevangelium (5,43-12,37) (Teil 2)

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DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: Das orgonomische Testament / 4. Der Christusmord nach Matthäus / Matthäusevangelium (5,43-12,37) (Teil 2)

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Eine Antwort to “DER VERDRÄNGTE CHRISTUS / Band 2: 4. Der Christusmord nach Matthäus / Matthäusevangelium (5,43-12,37) (Teil 2)”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

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    ACO Press is pleased to announce that Dr. Charles Konia’s highly anticipated and timely non-fiction book, Clueless: The Great Human Disconnect is now available for download on Amazon Kindle. The paperback will be available sometime in May with the hard cover following mid-summer. You can preorder the paperback and hardcover editions from the ACO online store. Links are below.

    In Clueless, Dr. Konia defines “clueless” as a state of being “out of it,” an individual’s chronic lack or deficiency of emotional and sensory bioenergetic contact with his or her inner and outer worlds. He explains how people are out of touch with themselves, others, and events—significant and otherwise—going on around them. What most people do not realize is that this condition of being so cut off has to do with an unrecognized, biologically-based perceptual disturbance which interferes with seeing and thinking clearly. Clueless describes symptoms of this common circumstance and extensively catalogues the adverse consequences of this state both for the individual and society, including what Dr. Konia calls the “human pollution of human social life,” as well as its destructive history throughout the human experience, specifically, as an obstacle to solving humanity’s social problems.

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