Zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Orgonomie (Teil 18)


EIN QUERSCHNITT DURCH DAS SCHAFFEN JEROME EDENs: Funktionelle Betrachtungen zu Verbrennung und Erstrahlung

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Eine Antwort to “Zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Orgonomie (Teil 18)”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    If the whole human race were to become healthy civilization would collapse. No healthy person would consent to spend their working lives doing most of the jobs that need doing in an industrial culture. Nobody in touch with their bodies and emotions could work in a coal mine, for example, so there would be no coal mined. Nobody with contact with biological instincts would build nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons, or in fact, any form of polluting industry. No sane person would dam rivers, cut down forests, build roads, work in factories, or engage in any of the other everyday jobs that civilization depends on. Healthy humans would not pay taxes, obey orders from police, follow a plough for hours each day, force their children to sit for most of their childhood in classrooms, believe in silly religions, watch TV, be interested in spectator sports like football, or waste time and effort building huge buildings for ceremonial purposes.

    A healthy culture would be a culture of hunter-gathers, low-tech, probably about the same as in Neolithic times, with a low enough population density that the earth could support it without ecological disaster being inevitable.

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