Die Politisierung aller

Der amerikanische Orgonom Dr. Charles Konia über den Unterschied zwischen irrationaler Gruppeninteressenpolitik und rationaler Staatspolitik:

Die Politisierung aller

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5 Antworten to “Die Politisierung aller”

  1. Tzindaro Says:

    Dr. Konia is right about the underlying reason for a lot of social problems, but he then suggests three examples of what he thinks a government should do. He is wrong about all three.

    What does America need any military for? America has not been attacked since the war of 1812. Aside from the 19th century „Indian wars“ which were not real wars and today would be a job for the civilian police, America has only used military force aggressively, to project power, not for defense.

    That includes World War Two, in which the Japanese attack on Perl Harbor was justified retaliation for American bombing and strafing Japanese troops in Manchuria while Roosevelt was hypocritically talking about „peace“ with Japan. America did not get into the war in Europe to stop the fascists: The American Establishment just preferred the British Empire to the German Empire, but there was not very much difference between them. After the war, many of the Nazis ended up in America working for the CIA.

    Real national security comes from economic strength, not having a bigger army or bigger bombs. America needs to get rid of it’s military forces and use the money saved to increase it’s real power–economic power– by shoring up it’s economy.

    On the issue of „immigration“ and „border control“, it should be recognized as a fundamental human right for anyone to live anywhere they choose on their own planet. Artificial borders between nation-states are obsolete and should be abolished. The best policy would be to help other countries bring their economies up to the American level and educate people to stop believing in religions that preach against birth control so they could bring down their birth rate so people would not be driven to migrate.

    And in cases where they are forced to leave home by wars, the late Edward Abby had a suggestion for that: „Give each refugee a riffle and 1,000 bullets and send them home“. If America would stop helping corrupt dictators stay in power and start helping socialist revolutions, there would soon be no more refugees fleeing to Europe and America.

  2. Robert (Berlin) Says:

    Und die Situation in Deutschland?

  3. Sebastian Says:

    In Deutschland das Ganze potenziert ins ich-weiß-nicht-wieviel-fache.

    „wiederstreiten“ wird nicht mit „ie“ geschrieben.

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