Wilhelm Reich, Marxist

Marx hatte recht: Ideologie ist ein Nichts im Vergleich zur materiellen Determinierung des Lebens. Pseudomarxistische Idealisten wie Herbert Marcuse und Erich Fromm, die der bourgeoisen Medien eine derartige Macht andichteten, haben das nie ganz durchschaut: daß nach Marx das materielle Sein und nicht das ideelle Bewußtsein die Handlungen der Menschen bestimmt. Im Gegensatz zu diesen beiden kleinbürgerlichen Afterphilosophen ist Reich dem Materialismus treu geblieben und dabei sogar einen Schritt weitergegangen als Marx. Nach Reich sorgen nicht die kapitalistischen Produktionsverhältnisse dafür, daß die kapitalistische Ideologie bei den Arbeitern verfängt („die herrschende Ideologie ist die Ideologie der Herrschenden“ – apropos die besagten „bourgeoisen Medien“), sondern deren in der verkrampften Muskulatur konkret greifbare Charakterstruktur sorgt erst für den fruchtbaren Boden, auf dem diese Ideologie gedeihen kann. Die Menschen werden zu ängstlichen Wesen erzogen, können deshalb nicht für das Eigene eintreten und verfangen sich deshalb in der Multikulti-Ideologie der global operierenden Großkonzerne und deren „antifaschistischer“ SA-Mörderbanden.

Entsprechend ist der Hebel zu einer grundsätzlichen Gesellschaftsänderung weder der materielle Unterbau, noch der ideologische Überbau, sondern vielmehr die Kindererziehung, in der die Charakterstrukturen zukünftiger Generationen geformt werden. Die Quintessenz von Reichs Marxismus (und übrigens gleichzeitig auch seines Freudismus) ist das Projekt „Kinder der Zukunft“.

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8 Antworten to “Wilhelm Reich, Marxist”

  1. claus Says:

    (Ich nehme an: „die deN bourgeoisen Medien eine derartige Macht andichteten“)
    „ist der Hebel zu einer grundsätzlichen Gesellschaftsänderung“ – Ich habe den Eindruck, dass schon, einen ‚Hebel zur Gesellschaftsänderung‘ zu suchen, Tel des Übels ist. Normalerweise wird man eher bei sich und in seinem Umfeld feststellen, wo der Schuh drückt. ‚die‘ Welt, ‚die‘ Gesellschaft, … verändern … komische Sache; und dann sagt bald jemand, er wolle ‚die Wirklichkeit beherrschen‘, greift zu Bustern …, wie wir das beobachten.

  2. Tzindaro Says:

    Reich at different times in his life, focused on different aspects of social problems and different possible solutions. In his later years, especially after the birth of his son, Peter, he paid the most attention to early childhood development, and it is this focus that has attracted the most attention from his American following, most of whom are somewhat less familiar with his earlier works, many of which have not been widely available in English.
    In the first phase of his career, while active in political movements in Germany, Reich developed a focus on adolescents. While recognizing the importance of early childhood experiences to adult personality traits, he considered the adolescent years a “window of opportunity” in which unfortunate repressive experiences of childhood were not yet settled into permanent adult characteristic modes of behavior and armoring could still be averted.
    Reich theorized, based on his observations of young people in the worker’s movements in Austria and Germany, that the sooner after puberty an individual began living an adult role in life, especially an adult sexual relationship, with all the gratifications and responsibilities that entails, the less that person would remain under the influence of pre-adolescent experiences and the more mature and independent the adult personality would be.
    This insight has vast practical implications for anyone concerned with social reforms. Young children are much more fully under the control of the adult society, parents, teachers, school officials, and all the others who are in positions of power over them. Adolescents, on the other hand, have far more freedom of choice and are capable of taking effective action on their own behalf if motivated to do so.
    So instead of advocating reform of early child-rearing methods, which depends on convincing the armored older generation to change something they usually feel is quite proper and necessary, efforts at social change should be directed at explaining to adolescents where their true problems stem from and how they are being programed by the adult society by the constant stream of anti-sexual propaganda they are exposed to.
    If, for example, teenagers are told that an active sex-life is both a biological necessity vital for their health, and a basic human right to which they are entitled, they will be better prepared to resist the calls for chastity from the church leaders who cannot tolerate adolescent sexuality because it immunizes individuals against mysticism and authoritarianism later on in life.
    Despite the official separation of religion and State in the American constitution, the U.S. government currently spends $176,000,000 a year on a Federal government program to try to convince teenagers to sign a contract with God not to have sex until they are married. Such a program is perfectly designed to increase authoritarian / submissive and mystical tendencies in the population in the next generation.
    While Fascism was rising in Germany, Reich tried to counter it by writing and lecturing to young audiences, telling them that sexual happiness was their right and important to their health, and that they should fight for this right. Today, while so many young people are turning to substitute gratifications such as mysticism, substance-abuse, and vicarious violence in sports and fictional film dramas, a clear explanation of their unhappiness they could easily grasp, along with a clear course of action they could embark upon, could be the only program that could turn the tide and prevent the rise of yet another thwarted, twisted generation damaged by early childhood experiences from carrying that damage with them throughout life.

    The sexual rights of adolescents was always an important part of Reich’s program for improving the situation of the human race. But since his time, most „Reichians“ choose to focus on early childhood, ignoring the adolescent years. This is, in Reich’s phrase, „evasion of the essential“. It provides a satisfying intellectual solution to the problem of an armored culture, but avoids any practical results because unlike adolescents, infants and small children cannot take any effective action on their own behalf.

    Since they cannot do anything without the consent of the adults in their lives, any changes in childraising practices must depend on convincing the armored adults, which is clearly not possible. Adolescents, on the other hand, if told their rights are being violated and their future health endangered, can take effective actions.

    They can search for scientific data to prove a point, read books not selected for them by adults, conduct meetings to organize, hold protests, join organizations, and if given a means of economic support, leave home. They can also help each other by donating money for others who have had to leave home, hide them from the police, and in short, do almost anything an adult resistance group can do.

    So since little or nothing can be done to change the way most parents choose to bring up their children, the main focus of any realistic reform movement must be on adolescents. And, according to Reich, if they are able to establish an adult role in an adult sexual relationship soon after puberty, this will to a large extent counteract the harm done by repressive upbringing in infancy and early childhood.

    Please note: I said „adult role“, and „adult relationship“. The technical loss of virginity in a one-time encounter is not important. What is important is the establishing of a role in which they relate in all aspects of life on a regular basis to another person for whom they feel strong emotional attachment.

    All this is clearly spelled out in numerous writings by Reich, but hardly ever mentioned today by Reichians, most of whom will evade the need for practical action and instead write or lecture endlessly on the importance of infancy and childhood, without ever saying anything about how the majority of the culture can be persuaded to change what to most people seems self-evident. The window of opportunity provided by the potential for adolescents to escape from their prior conditioning by establishing an adult sex-life role as soon as possible after puberty is the only hope for breaking the long tradition of bringing up children to emulate the armored older generation.

  3. Tzindaro Says:

    A Suggestion For An Orgonomic Website
    There are plenty of websites on orgonomy, including several by orgonomists, but they all seem to only offer the same basic introductory story of
    What is orgonomy? ,
    Who started orgonomy?,
    What happened to him?,
    advertising for psychiatric treatments that most people are not interested in and cannot afford,
    childrearing sermons that concern only prospective parents,
    sample information on a lot of subjects hardly anybody cares about, such as medicine, microbiology, physics, psychiatric treatment, political opinions,
    and social commentary by orgonomists on topics in the news.

    None of them offers any information of real use to most people. And they are all aimed at adults. Adults usually already have fixed ideas on most things and seldom change them. Reich knew this. He constantly advised his followers to forget about treating already sick, damaged, and warped adults and concentrate on reaching relatively unspoiled young people. But nobody in orgonomy today is following Reich’s advice. So here is a suggestion:

    Somebody ought to set up an orgonomic website aimed at teenagers and directed specifically at their concerns.

    It would give good accurate and comprehensive information on contraception, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and feature articles by orgonomists explaining why sex is important to your mental and physical health and should be considered a fundamental human right.

    It could include information on the laws in each state on abortion, where parental consent is required, and where it is not, so a pregnant teenager could know where to travel for an abortion if her parents would not give her permission. Addresses of clinics that offer abortion services could be included.

    It would tell where it is legal for a teenager to get a prescription for birth control without parental consent.

    It would explain why the churches are so against young people having sex and how they benefit from tricking them into celibacy. It would explain the connection between adolescent celibacy and poor relationships with the other sex later in life, and why sex in the early years after puberty is important as a rehearsal for later relationships.

    The close connection between sexual starvation and fascism, religion, and mental illness would be explained.

    It would give references to scientific studies showing that sex is important for health, information on herbal and other natural forms of birth control, and articles by anthropologists on how adolescent sexuality is handled by other cultures.

    It could also feature a discussion forum where adolescents could get social reinforcement for their feelings on the subject and find support networks of others their own age, and a question and answer section where an orgonomist would answer questions.

    A project like this would cost nothing to set up and there must be several orgonomists who would be willing to take part. With at least one medical doctor involved and all information medically accurate, there would be no legal problems in presenting such a website.

    And any howls of anguish from conservatives and religious groups would only give the website more publicity.

    With the international reach of the internet, the website could be international in scope and could be presented in several languages.

    As far as I know, there is no project like this on the internet. There should be. If Reich was still alive, there would be. It is an update on what he did in Germany in the 30s. And there is still a need for it today, especially in America, which is in the grip of a Christian-Fascist movement.

    A project like this would need at least one medical doctor on board and a lawyer to insure against attempts at censorship. Doctors and lawyers would be asked to volunteer.

    Anybody interested?

  4. Robert (Berlin) Says:

    Sozialismus oder Sanktionen? Die Wahrheit über die Krise in Venezuela

  5. claus Says:

    Hat Reich jemals von „ausleben“ gesprochen?
    „Wie Wilhelm Reich schon in den 20er Jahren postuliert hatte, sollten sich die Menschen von ihren gesellschaftlichen Fesseln befreien, indem sie ihren ‘Sexualtrieb’ ausleben.“

    Klicke, um auf Weber_M_1991.pdf zuzugreifen

    • Peter Nasselstein Says:

      Reich hat zu seiner Zeit in regelrechten „Sexmetropolen“ gelebt: das dekadente Wien mit seiner Bordell-„Kultur“ und die „Sexwelthauptstadt“ Berlin. In beide Städte sind alle Perversen der Welt gepilgert, weil sie sich mit ihren Divisen billig und streßfrei „ausleben“ konnten. Skandinavien war sicherlich damals der „sexuellste“ Ort der Welt und New York (Greenwich Village) – die „Village People“, Beatniks, Orgien, Anarchie… WR muß ja einer der größten Schwachköpfe der Weltgeschichte sein müssen, wenn er „die Menschen von ihren gesellschaftlichen Fesseln befreien (wollte), indem sie ihren ‘Sexualtrieb’ ausleben (sollten)“. Den Haß und die VERACHTUNG, die hier gegen Reich zum Ausdruck kommt, kann ich den Frommlern nur zurückgeben. Ich hätte in den 70er Jahren beinahe den Fernsehschirm zertrümmert, als ich ein Interview mit Erich Fromm sah: billigste Platitüden. Etwa so, wie heute Merkel redet.

    • Robert (Berlin) Says:

      Passt irgendwie zum Thema:

      Warum haben die Menschen immer weniger Sex?
      Eva Illouz gibt auch der Digitalisierung die Schuld. Die Soziologin über den Fluch von Dating-Apps und „50 Shades of Grey“.


  6. Robert (Berlin) Says:

    „„Sexwelthauptstadt“ Berlin.“

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